Sounds like somebody has a case of the Tuesdays

I think Tuesdays are just hard.

We have noticed that on Tuesday afternoons Caroline is needy, at times inconsolable, and not hungry. Yesterday was no exception. She was happy all the way home, smiling when we walked into the house, fine with going upstairs so I could take off my working mom uni even. Suddenly and without reason she was teary, reaching her arms up to me to be held, and completely beside herself. My working theory is that Tuesday, being her first day of school for the week, is a bit challenging for her emotionally as she is fresh off of 4 days with us and suddenly thrust back into her noisy school environment. I think the day takes a toll on her and makes her exhausted.

When I picked her up she was standing alone staring at a pair of white flip-flops, thumb in mouth, looking a bit lost or confused. She ran for me and then after about a second of snuggles - she was halfway out the door. Michelle said she had a great day; ate well, slept well, played well.

So what gives Caroline? Is this just Mom guilt?

Every Tuesday brings out her most challenging side and it feels as if nothing either of us do can soothe her, until suddenly she looks over and smiles and the rest of the night is cake… a nice little walk, some playtime, and a toddler falling asleep about 5 pages into The Cat in The Hat.

We caught her Monday night in the middle of a daredevil maneuver. We were all sitting in the back room coloring and she ran off towards the kitchen. I was waiting for her to return with a bag of Goldfish, nodding her head, and smiling a la “C’mon, you know you want to give these to me to snack on right before bed!” Instead we heard a rustling and upon closer inspection discovered her sitting in her high chair attempting to buckle herself in. I took her down and we watched as she climbed right back up! Needless to say we plan on keeping that tray in place now and I did warn them at school that we might have a stunt double on our hands.


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