Staycation? Vacation?

I can’t believe I am referencing my own tweet – but there really is a calypso band here today and I really do feel simultaneously in need of a grand tropical vacation and instantly rejuvenated. Quite a metaphor for the current pickle I find myself in. Daring to break out and do something amazing, yet so comfortable and aware of how good I have it that a "staycation" doesn’t sound so bad. Is there really time for vacation later? A “staycation” does sound so comfy and lovely and “balancey" doesn't it?

I am using an awkward metaphor to talk about my current work situation. I am hesitant to even write about it here because while I don’t believe my own little corner of the Internet is known to everyone in my life, I can’t be absolutely sure. So for now – I hate to do it readers, but you’ll just have to wait to hear the rest of the story when the future reveals itself, particularly since I myself am not sure how it will all play out.

That should explain my inability to put together a lighthearted post about my amazing daughter. There’s just way too much seriousness in my life right now. I do feel better baring a smidgen of my secret self and briefly opening the curtain a bit into our life. I wish I could poll you all (and don’t think I didn’t consider it!), but what I have come to learn in my 30 years finally is that it is okay for me to make a decision. I can actually decide what kind of sandwich or soft drink I would like to ingest! Without the threat of being “WRONG!” So this decision is mine, with the best interests of my family taking center stage of course. I am not getting all swept up in the “For Me” movement, but thinking that there may be an alternative to our current situation that after deep consideration is mutually beneficial to all parties residing in my house, except Reese. It’s the short end of the stick all the time for her. Sorry, Reese.

So closing the curtain back up – let’s instead talk about Tuesday evening. After two nights of 8pm bedtimes that lasted well past 9 filled with tears, a toddler requesting “up, up, up” ad nauseum from her crib, and me fearing that all our efforts to teach our sweetness to get to sleep solo were being threatened, we achieved an 8:00 bedtime… and watched a movie… and were still in bed by 10:30… and I got to watch my DVR’d Project Runway in prep for tonight’s episode.

{By far the best part of this show is listening to Steve snicker as he falls asleep listening to Blayne say he wants to just “get all dolled up and go dancing.” The B.E.S.T.}

How did we achieve this miraculous feat?? We shoveled dinner down our throats and headed over to “National Night Out,” an anti crime and safety event. Not only was Caroline entertained for nearly an hour, but she also tuckered herself out by running all over, chasing a little train ride, seeing old friends, and playing with the balloon we tied to her shorts. When we arrived home it was right into the tub, cuddly reading time, and bingo bango – our daughter is back on schedule. We all breathe a collective sigh of relief.


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