Super Mega Vision

Let’s say just a bit more about the pedi appointment shall we?

I was handed a “M-CHAT” form to complete while we waited for the doctor to come in. It was a series of yes and no questions about things that Caroline is or isn’t doing.

“My child enjoys being bounced on a knee or swung.” Yes
“My child stares or wanders aimlessly” No
“My child enjoys interacting with other children” Yes

This was clearly an autism-screening tool, which I deliberately took my time completing. When the doc arrived she asked me, “So, what did the social worker think of the screening?” I was glad she remembered I was a social worker and we chatted about Caroline’s answers. No signs of autism. While that feels great for now, am I the only one who feels like autism is quite literally constantly looming overhead? All we can do as parents is stay vigilant in our constant assessment of our children.

So after our brave girl took her Tetanus and Polio with just a pouty face her Daddy arrived home with some fun animal stickers as a prize for her courage. All night she was walking around with elephants and frogs stuck to her back. We made a big production out of the sticker reward, explaining that Caroline had been fearless and we were so proud of her. I cannot really believe we are at the stage in her life where we can explain this to her and she will “get it!”

The doc also encouraged me to seize the potty. She asked if we had a potty and I told her all about how interested she seems to be in it. So we will continue to be extra encouraging on the potty front. The doc cautioned that all the wanting to please Mommy and helping might come to a halt when she reaches 2 and enters a defiant "no, no, no" stage. She will go to her cubby and pull out a diaper occasionally when she is dirty. Other times if you ask her if she needs a new diaper she will say yes, race for the cubby, and you will discover a perfectly clean and dry diaper. We're gonna keep working on it.

We had chicken parm with shells last night for dinner and since my daughter was sporting a white top, she dined in her diaper. Caroline wasn’t all that hungry, which is typical for her post immunization. She was WILD during the dinner clean up! She raced from her high chair to the trash repeatedly and I finally followed her to see what she was up to. Seems that our daughter has discovered her imagination or has insane mega vision. She was scooping handfuls of “something” from her chair and depositing it, whatever it was, into the trash. Back and forth, back and forth. I just kept thanking her for doing such a good job, you know me, I always encourage cleaning up organizing activities.

While I put her lunch box together, Steve sat with her on the floor and she began spinning, laughing, and saying “wheeeeee!” It was like that spinning video all over again. This girl was in a very good mood, but still wearing just her diaper. Steve asked her, “Are you naked?” and she instantly covered her chest with both hands. We looked at each other – alarmed and stunned. So he asked her again and again she cupped her hands over her chest. Where did this come from? Is she supposed to be aware of nakedness at this point?


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