An "unconfirmed" tornado

A quick note is necessary to ensure that last night's storm doesn't get lost in the weekend review! We had the scariest storm here yesterday at around 6pm. The clouds moved in, the wind started whipping through the trees, and I peered outside to a green sky that sent shivers down my spine. I might have slept through a tornado as a baby, but I recall in great detail my father's account of the one that went through our backyard and the sky in his story was also green. I tried to remain calm, but wasn't really successful, and turned on the weather to hear the beeping of a severe storm watch and then a tornado watch and then the hail started pelting the house and we grabbed Caroline, flashlights, a candle, and our dinner plates and headed to the basement. We lost power shortly thereafter and the hail got bigger and the wind whipped harder and I said a quiet prayer for my family to be safe. I just kept thinking that if this tornado actually did arrive we would have no warning. We peeked upstairs a few times and saw the Sucktaculars tree down across a side street and puddles of rain forming on the wood floor beneath our front windows . The rain was roaring down fiercely from the North. We noticed the leaves flying in an eerie circular pattern. It thankfully did not last too long and we were able to survey the damage and thank God that our big tree out front withstood the storm. Others were not so lucky and we went on a little trip around our part of town that revealed downed wires, trees blocking entire streets, trees that narowly missed houses, flooding so deep that people had their kayaks out and ready to roll. Our little part of town got the worst of this storm. A visitor to my neighbor this afternoon had come from just a few blocks away and there was nothing like what we had around her. We are so very lucky.


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