Let’s chat for a moment about Abby

Caroline is borderline obsessed with Abby. She’s enjoyed playing with all her dolls since she could sit up. I’ve cataloged here how she shhs them, snuggles them, covers them in kisses, but her affection for Abby rivals my own affection for Caroline.

Since just before our Cape trip she has wanted Abby to go everywhere with her. We sit her in the grocery cart (at our BJS she even gets strapped in since there are two seats!). She snuggles on car rides long and short, often serving dual functions as both friend and pillow. They sleep side by side in the crib often with Caro’s arm draped protectively across her chest. Monday night Abby even came for a walk in the stroller, with her blanket of course. See Abby also has necessary accessories and attempts to separate her from these items leads to disaster. Abby needs her bottle (she’s quite hungry) and her blanket (a flannel swaddler from way back when) at all times. Caroline struggles to carry all these items around the house with her.

Last night I wondered HOW we would ever get a tub in when Abby is clearly not bath proof. Caroline thought differently yesterday morning when right next to me she raised the toilet seat (I know, I should have a toilet lock, I know.) and splashed little Abby’s feet in the water. Um, Gross.

Steve looked at me last night and said, “is this ok? It’s like she is obsessed with it!” I told him that I think it is quite normal for children her age to develop an attachment to an object like Abby. Some babies have blankies or binkies. Our baby has an Abby (and her cadre of accessories).

Last night she went to be just as 90210 was starting. We did our book, song, and bedtime routine. She was quite awake as I sat on the stairs, watching her legs kick in the air. When I saw her sit up after sitting there for several minutes, I walked over, told her to lay down, that it was time to go to sleep and I would see her in the morning. She lay awake blinking at the ceiling for a bit longer and then silence; the evenness of sleep breathing. Later when we went upstairs, she had not moved and there was not a sound until after 7 this morning.

Steve went down to get her while I was showering and asked her if she wanted to get up. Her answer was “no” and she lay back down. So he covered her up and went back upstairs. For five minutes. As if that was not strange enough after he got her dressed, she and Abby joined him for some Today Show in bed before she officially got up for the day. Post shower, wearing my robe and my towel turban my presence was requested at her side in bed. Do you honestly think I could resist that? It was like Friday morning. All three of us hunkered together as time ticked away, watching the grim news of the world via the Today Show. My daughter slept straight on through the night last night, all is well in our own little world. We left for school/work way late, but with rested smiles on our faces and somehow minus one hat wearing blond yarned doll named Abby.

I see major possibilities for Tailgate entertainment via Abby.

So – does your toddler or older kid have a transitional object they adore? What is it? When did they start loving it? Is separation from the object a serious issue?


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