Caro want a cracker?

So those of you who followed along while I twittered jury duty already know this, but I had jury duty yesterday and while I was impaneled (is that even the right term?) for most of the day for a civil case, I ultimately ended up being excused thanks to my stay at home mom status two days a week and a position that pays me hourly. I read most of Mary Karr’s “The Liar’s Club” and got a little sunburn from sitting outside at lunch in the sun.

The lawyer who was interviewing me during the selection process got really flustered when I told them I was at home with no child care options on Mondays and Fridays and even made his frustrations known by saying, “This would have been helpful to have known this morning.” Um, yeah buddy, I KNOW! Believe you me, if I could have told you earlier I would have, but there was no place on the silly questionnaire for me to list that I am paid hourly and work part-time and have a 19-month old daughter. I held my tongue, but SERIOUSLY? Is he kidding? What attitude.

For those who know me personally you know I was sweating bullets as I waited my turn to be questioned. Thank God the book is a good read, it kept me distracted from all the horrible memories I have of my 3-month stint as a grand juror in MA in 2001. Good times… I was thinking up every out I had and not because I don’t believe in the trial by jury system or because I feel that I am somehow above serving, but because I think that I have fulfilled my lifetime’s civic duty with my time on that Grand Jury and I will go toe to toe with anyone who feels otherwise. That experience is why I chose a busy, big daycare center with no walls and lots of cameras. There are things in my own life that I cannot recall in the kind of excruciating detail I carry around of testimony about several home invasions, brutal attacks of women, and a decapitation tossed in for good measure. I’ll just leave it at that.

So I was off doing my civic duty yesterday and when I was finally released I picked up my daughter early from day care and we had ourselves a nice little afternoon taking Abby for a walk, watching Ariel, and cooking up some chop suey for dinner.

Michelle and I were talking this morning about Caroline’s anal tendencies. Between the two of us, Caroline doesn’t have a chance at being anything but a neat freak. She also said that the girls (Caroline, Hannah/Sonny & Julianna) spend all day bossing each other around, but act like sisters never leaving each other’s sides. She is quite a bossy girl with all her directions; sit, up, ‘dis, mine. She even bosses the cat; “Dowww.” Michelle also said that Caroline is talking more than her little friends and seems to be in the middle of a huge language explosion, which I honestly have to agree with. Caroline turned part parrot overnight and we are having a blast giggling at the silly things she is saying.


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