Eating, Shredding, and Hand Wringing

Caroline appears to be living on air and cinnamon schoolhouse cookies from Traders. She did not eat well all weekend long and even her beloved breakfast has been compromised, but by what? Teeth are the most likely culprit. Dinners have become challenging and while she is at the very least drinking her milk (and ordering us to drink along with her) it is hard to sit down together for dinner and have her pushing her food away from her after two bites and I am being generous saying she eats two bites! Even the standbys are getting shunned. I know this is a common issue with toddlers, but man alive, I worry that those already too big jeans are going to just shimmy down her body if she doesn’t pick it up in the eating department. Now snacks, they are a different issue altogether. She would snack all day long on bits of this and that. We warned them this morning at school and they said she eats all day long, so perhaps it is the sitting down for a meal that she is opposed to? My current plan of attack is to send her with lots of healthy options and know that she is eating at school.

Note I said we warned them. Yup, Steve made a special guest appearance at drop off today. He and two of his colleagues had to catch a train into the city for a meeting. So I drove Steve to the train and I will go and pick him up at the station this afternoon. Based on the emails I got this morning he wasn’t a big fan of a commute into the city.

My arms hurt. My legs burn when I walk down stairs. We “officially” started the 30-Day Shred last night. Now it suddenly occurs to me that this might have been a better plan for say May with swimsuit season staring me in the face. Instead I choose the season of sweaters and forgiving layering to shred my bod. This isn't about vanity, it is purely for fitness. I just want to see some definition, hopefully some improvements in my abs, and FEEL healthy. Jillian is a beast. As Steve and I entered circuit 3 of 3 I was actually looking forward to sure to be killer last 60 seconds of abs so I could lie down. It was an amazing 20-minute work out and it is terrifying to think we will subject ourselves to her evil ways each night for the next 30 days, but I am willing to give her a month to change our lives. We figured that doing this together will keep us honest and also provide an outlet for frustration and encouragement. Twenty minutes people. I’ll update our progress this month but I promise without the “come look at my awesome body!” photos a la Sundry.

A work note – a case I submitted to the Department of Social Services – Protective Services just exploded. The subject of the investigation passed away last night and the circumstances are suspicious. I made the referral in early August and Protective Services had not been able to speak to the subject or get into his home as of two weeks ago. I am incredibly sad, incredibly frustrated, and feeling incredibly guilty that there was nothing more I could do. The system is flawed.


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