the end of summer, the beginning of a new era

And just like that summer comes to an end.

I washed Caroline’s little green swimsuit and swim shirt yesterday and couldn’t help but feel more than a little sad that it is unlikely she will wear them again this year. We do have our long weekend on the Cape in two weeks, but I suspect that a beach trip then is more likely to include a wardrobe of comfy play pants and a fleece.

We spent the last long weekend of the summer almost exactly as we started , minus the train ride. Caroline and Papa spent hours playing in the water, there were beach walks, a seaside nap, and castle smushing. There were multiple “swish, swish” sightings and many mini peanut butter cups. It was a relaxing end to an all too fast summer.

We headed home on Sunday night, just as we had on Memorial Day weekend, but not before our daughter made two deposits in her potty! We have had a potty for some time now, but until lately it has been a novel thing to sit on, with some appropriate wiping action. I have been hesitant to go gangbusters because I just can’t imagine that she is ready, but I also don’t want to let the time limited window of interest AND enthusiasm close. So we took an adorable travel potty home over the weekend and caught the tail end of the liquid variety on Saturday and on Sunday just before we packed up Auntie k had the pleasure of assisting her with the other variety and showering her with praise.

So – it appears that potty training is on! (ALREADY?!?!) We spent Monday at home asking her if she had to go as often as we remembered and Steve jetted off with her upstairs when we suspected something was going on and she answered, “do you have to go potty?” with a “yeah!” 100% in the potty! There was a really sad moment later in the day when we asked her if she had to go and she said no, but quickly changed her answer to yes. We missed it and when she saw that the diaper deposit had been made in the diaper and not in her potty, she cried pointing at the diaper. There was reassurance and praise, but it broke my heart to see her sad about this. I worry that we might move too fast and I question her ability to determine the wet factor since these days the diapers are so wonderfully absorbent. So long as she is interested and engaged in learning we will support her adventure into pottydom! The pediatrician told us to go for it as soon as she showed signs of readiness, and she demonstrates many of these.

I found it strange that Pampers has a website and online community devoted to potty training. Isn’t their whole business built around diapers? Keeping kids in diapers means more change in their pocket right? I soon realized that there is a whole other kind of business to tap into – potty training fams need potty training tools like Easy Ups with genius “Feel and Learn” cool strip technology and a place to read both expert and parental advice seems pretty phenom too.

I’ve got our Flex Benefits Card in my pocket and at lunch today I am jetting over to BJs to pick up a box of Easy Ups. Based on family and babycenter’s advice, we’ll keep using the real diapers for naps and overnights, but the Easy Ups for regular daily use. I am going to work on teaching her the difference between wet and dry and we'll just taking it one step at a time. I am all for pulling diapers on and off in place of the wrangling with one leg holding her down method I have been using more and more lately. I think we both would prefer that actually.

I had to the share the big potty news from the weekend, but don’t count on this being all potty talk all the time. There’s lots more going on – like

…If you sing “Sweet Caroline” she goes “Bum, Bum, Bum” – NO JOKE!! According to Sara and Michelle she didn’t pick it up there! If not there, WHERE???

…When she wants you to sit with her to read a book, she taps the spot next to her and says “Sit!” We’re working on adding “please.”

We also purchased a shiny new camera this weekend (yay!) after a little solo breakfast at the beach, so look forward to exciting new photos with video located right there in the link to Picasa. Ohh – Ahh!


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