Fall meals and steals

The weekend feels like months not days ago.

We’ve got the afternoon drive to MA mastered at this point. I literally pack a huge LL Bean tote full of just about every book we own and some other amusements, hop into the back seat with her, and serve as her personal play assistant for the 2 hour ride. We’re considering the portable DVD player, but in the meantime, she is perfectly content to "read" books the whole ride – provided that she reads them each ONLY ONCE of course. Even if she hasn’t “read it” if she has even seen the cover it is dismissed. If we could somehow work it out that she could dig through the bag herself and retrieve books and toys I could sit up front and not be green from car sickness when we arrive at our destination. Maybe I need to work on some system of smaller totes? It would be a disaster back there and I would have to let go of my orderliness to make it happen. Not sure if I can! (and we wonder where Caroline's neat freakness comes from?)

We were up and out at 9:30 to head to Chestnut Hill for three hours of pregame tailgating. (Yes, Steve was PSYCHED.) We got to see the Eagle walk and she was slightly terrified of the band, but did manage to pull off a couple high fives from the players. Caroline did well, pushing Abby around in the doll stroller, which I was so excited about. She loved it! In fact, she continues to push her baby around at home and now often points to the door and says “walk.” She’s such a good mommy making sure Abby takes her walk and gets some fresh air. The Eagles pulled off the win so all was well in the world. If we had not needed to take a couple shade breaks Caroline would have been content to sit and watch the entire game. She spent most of the game enjoying time with Linda and "Kiki's brother."

We had a scary slip and fall on Saturday night while visiting local friends. Caroline slipped on a stool and hit her head on the fireplace. It sounds worse than it was, though for a few minutes she was totally losing it and I was certain she was bleeding internally. In reality she’s fine, not even a bruise, but she didn’t sleep well at all that night; restless, junky, and completely sweaty. She had a fever on Sunday morning and wasn’t quite herself. We gave her Motrin and she took a nice long nap for the ENTIRE ride home. That hasn’t happened since she was a baby. We called the pedi and made an appointment for Monday just in case.

She went to bed Sunday night (medicated with Motrin) at about 8pm only to wake up about an hour later sweaty and wide awake. The sleep protocol is out the window when she is under the weather, so we let her sit with us, consoled her, snuggled and when we tried to put her back to bed it was an all out fight. Steve had to be up super early and I ordered him to bed, sitting with her in the living room in the darkness singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider on repeat until I finally saw that telltale eye rub. I put her back to bed and watched her on the monitor where she whimpered for a few minutes before finally falling asleep. The last thing I remember is dropping my glasses from my hand onto the floor at about 12:45. It was a long night and at our appointment the pedi declared that it might just be a little bug.

She slept through fine last night and knock on wood that sickness is behind us now.

We had a great day together yesterday, aside from our 5 minute pedi appointment that we waited an hour for! I put together the first crock-pot meal of the season - Five Bean Chili - while Caroline napped. When she woke up, we rearranged the family room a bit making room for the ever growing collection of books and toys before mixing up a batch of cornbread mini muffins. She helped from start to finish and was so involved in the task that when Steve came home she wouldn’t even say hi to him!

It’s official – I have accepted the transition of seasons from summer to fall. Our evening walk was chillier than usual with the absence of the summer sun. The leaves have started changing. The kids are playing outside less and less. I can’t wait to pick apples (when!?!?!) and make an apple pie with my daughter. A sign of fall is warm feetie pjs, so on Friday we picked up a few pair. When I walked into the store they were "Buy One, Get One 50% Off" and when I went to check out the signs were gone. I convinced them to give them to me for the sale price and felt pretty awesome about the deal I was able to get on them.

A couple cutisms:

We’ve got a parrot. I asked her if she wanted to help me cook yesterday and she ran to the chair she always stands on. I said “is this your helper chair?” “Heppa cha”

Open = “Uppy” and lately she wants everything “uppy”

Milk = Mooo

When reading she asks "this" and points at each object, animal, person she does not know ad nauesum. So sweet. I suspect though that this will soon be replaced with the all time parent fav "why?"

Caroline loves, disciplines, and bosses Abby. Between the blanket, the bottle, the new stroller, and a makeshift basket I turned into the perfect baby bed yesterday it’s “Sit” “No, No” “Shhhhh” “Mwah” all day long.


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