Fresh Hands

I did some diaper research yesterday and after feeling quite dizzy comparing packages with cool strips and training diapers and Easy Ups vs. Pull Ups I turned to the message board beanies. With their advice in hand, I headed into school at pick-up ready to buy whatever Michelle recommended. She thinks that for now we should just stick with what we are doing. For one, it’s cheaper (I am all for cheaper!) and also Caroline’s not quite ready yet. I can go along with that plan. When she starts to get it a bit more, we will make the switch.

My diaper questions were soon overshadowed by Michelle’s details of Caroline “fresh” day. Apparently, my little lovely had “fresh hands” as she pushed both babies and another child and sat in time out twice. TWICE! This is not Caroline, so perhaps it was an off day, but I certainly don’t like to hear that she has been pushing other kids, especially the barely sitting up babies! My fresh girl answered Michelle’s “are you going to be a good girl tomorrow?” with a head shaking no and a devilish grin. Michelle thinks that she might be picking this up from Hannah/Sonny who lately has become very pushy with the other children; Caroline included. I say there really is no excuse and I trust them to follow through with appropriate punishment to curtail this freshness.

We usually head right for the tub after our evening walk, but lately Caroline’s been having a bit of trouble settling down at 8 when I put her down. So we quietly played until about 7:30 bringing passengers to tropical destinations with the pink airplane, matching up shapes in the sorter, and finally her playing Mommy first to her pink bear and then to me. She got a little blanket out and pointed to the floor “down.” What’s an exhausted Mommy to do but lay down on the floor? Caroline covered me up, pat my back and shhh’d me. I wonder where she learned that?


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