I'll take that worst Mom award now.

In my worst mom acceptance speech I would have many people to thank; Caroline of course for putting up with all my faults and still loving me intensely, the elderly park volunteers who stayed with me keeping me calm and allowed me to borrow their cellphone, and of course the local Fire Department for coming so quicky and being so wonderful.

We've had an exciting day and it is only 2pm. We ran an errand and headed to a newer park in town that we hadn't tried out yet. I suspected that post play I might have a car sleeper on my hands and so I wanted to change her diaper before we even left the car. I got out my supplies and put them on the passenger seat while simultaneously handing my daughter the car keys to lessen the screaming, "DAH! DAH!" oh yes, she saw the park too and she wanted OUT of that car. I jumped out and ran around the other side to free her and click. She had locked herself in.

I stood there frozen, forcibly smiling at my toddler, watching her holding the keys pushing buttons, but not the unlock button. She popped the trunk. She locked the doors again and again. She tossed the keys.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" It was in my head, but I literally slid down the car in desperation. My phone, my wallet, my DAUGHTER were in the car. I miraculously located three older gentlemen who were doing some volunteer gardening. They let me borrow their phone, we called 911, they stayed with me and kept me from completely breaking down.

Did I mention it was hot or that I had parked in the sun?

The fire engine arrived within 10 minutes, sirens blaring, and they had her out in record time. I had to sign a waiver about damage to the car, but honestly, if I had been wearing heels I would have broken the window if I could have. They got her out and assured me that this happens more often than I thought. I don't know if they were serious or if they were just being kind, but either way I am indebted to them for handling it so well and being so sweet to her afterwards.

We waved goodbye. We thanked them. I hugged my sweaty daughter a bit closer. We played on the playground. Caroline made some new friends. We have a new rule about car keys.

We're fine. It was scary. We are shaken, but ok. I hope this PSA might save another family from a similar scary situation. If you ever do find yourself there, call 911. It took moments.


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