Officially accepting the end of summer

We're back!

The photos have been uploaded and we are rejuvenated from our nice long weekend at the Cape. I should say we WERE rested, but I will get to that later. The house we rented was great; well stocked with paper goods and amenities we thought we were going to have to purchase ourselves, plenty of room, and minutes from the beach, downtown, restaurants, and the Island Queen. We spent Thursday acclimating, taking a stroll at the beach, and enjoying each other’s company. Round I of the peppercini contest commenced after lunch. My father easily snared the win, getting out front early. Friday was the nicest day of the weekend and we packed up for the Vineyard ferry bright and early. We spent our day exploring Edgartown, breathing in that “a million miles away from it all” feeling, and noshing at the News. They did NOT have peppercinis and Round II was postponed. What a bummer! We sampled fudge, the boys ate ice cream, we browsed in every Black Dog store, we shopped Vineyard Backwater, and we had many laughs. Caroline had a fit when we tried on a long sleeve t at the Black Dog & she was down for the count napping all through lunch. We caught a late dinner on Friday night at BBC and Cindy schooled us all in “65.” I do not believe for a second that she never wins. You shouldn’t either. The boys golfed on Saturday and Caroline enjoyed the playground located just around the corner from the house. Her tush was soaked from the wet slide, but she didn’t care. Once the boys returned we had Round II and I took an early lead. I convinced my father to concede, but Brett was not so easily swayed. 22 peppers later we were deadlocked with one enormous pepper we nicknamed Mongo remaining on the plate. The unofficial rules were that we could not take more out until every pepper from the plate was consumed. I won’t cry about it – but there was some questionable eating happening across the table. We agreed to tie. I don’t doubt that if one of us had consumed Mongo we would have kept on eating until every last pepper in that jar was gone. It’s a scary thought. We never got to do Round III because Brett left Saturday night, but I suspect we will have more competitions with the remaining peppers in the future. We ate an obscene amount of peppers. OBSCENE! Neil was the only one to officially claim a win so I suppose that makes him the winner. Congrats to the Cape Peppercini Contest Champ! In celebration of our last night together we cooked up lobsters and steak tips for a surf & turf dinner. The weather Sunday was icky and with a long drive ahead of us, we all bailed out before 11AM. The trip took 5 hours with a stop off at the beach to return Papa’s borrowed car and lunch. Caroline conked before we even hit the main road, but it only lasted until the Pike when she woke up screaming from what we suspect was teeth. We pulled off to give her some ibuprofen, but by then it was too late. It made for a long ride home.

Rested and rejuvenated we unpacked and settled Caroline in for a nice night’s rest. Until midnight. We are apparently back to the night waking. She slept solid at the Cape, never waking up once. I thought this might be because the pain of her ear infection was subsiding after a few doses of antibiotics. I never would have imagined that after 4 solid nights sleep she would wake up again, but there I was by her bedside asking her to lay down, rubbing her back, singing her a song. I sat outside her door and caught myself falling asleep, my body mere moments from careening forward. Not such a good thing when you are sitting on stairs. It was the same thing last night – 11:30 – whining from her bed, just wanting someone to sit with her while she fell back asleep. I did the first 20 minutes, Steve did the second and this morning neither of us could pull ourselves up and out of bed. Something has got to give, that or we need to hit the hay a bit earlier.

Caroline and I ran some errands yesterday. I told Steve that this time of year I never feel like a day off is completely ours. Mondays I am putting things back together from a weekend away and Fridays I am packing us up to leave again. There is a constant state of chaos in the house and it becomes a lot for an organized loony like me to take in. So while my lovely slept upstairs, I prepared a new meal – Baked Stuffed Zucchini – and pre-cooked the meats for tonight’s Jambalaya. I also cleaned the floors, the bathroom, and put away a metric ton of books that had been displaced during morning playtime. I did not catch a shower yesterdat, but I felt so much better about the state of the house.

Abby took her first bath Monday afternoon. She’s been getting an awful lot of attention lately from Caroline and she really needed a tub. So we put her in a pillowcase and Caroline watched her go into her dolly tubby. There really is nothing more adorable than having your daughter race to the laundry area to check on her baby. When she was finally deemed dry enough Caroline covered her with kisses, saying her name over and over, and I realized that I have quite a little mother on my hands. At times when we ask her where Mommy is she points to herself and I am beginning to suspect that she fully believes that she is Abby’s mommy. I suppose in many ways she is. She feeds her, wraps her in a blanket, kisses her, diapers her, snuggles with her, sleeps with her. Sounds a lot like being a mommy to me. Our little mother.

So the McFam is back! We had a wonderful time, shared a lot of laughs with Neil the sherpa, ate one heck of a lot of peppercinis, got Steve to play cards two nights in a row during Sox games, and made some really special memories. It now officially feels like Summer is over.


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