Preparing for Peppercinis

Our bags are packed, the mail has been held, and we are excitedly watching the forecast for the weekend that somehow as time goes on keeps getting better and better. Earlier this week my weekend away spirits were dashed when I spied those terrible clouds with rain decorating each of our days away on the extended forecast. Not everyday will be rain free, but it looks like it will be warmer and less wet than we initially thought, so yay for that!

This time of year is a bit more challenging to pack for. We (I use this term loosely to include the sane women in our family who do actually believe in coats and umbrellas) need shorts, pants, t shirts, sweaters, a light coat, flip flops. That kooky New England fall weather has us perplexed and while it means bringing along double what I thought I would need to, as usual I would rather bring too much then find myself once again collecting the Razzie Mother of the Year Award for neglecting to think of my child’s warmth. She will be absurdly adorable whatever the weather tosses us, that I can assure you!

That absurdly adorable child is STILL sick. In fact, I absolutely cannot recall a time recently that she has not been sick. I honestly believe looking back over this blog that she has had this lingering goopy nose and terrible cough for going on three weeks. WEEKS! We have been playing the usual game of “worth the copay or not?” At first I said yes, then no, then yes, and no and finally this morning after hearing about two sad little girls up in MA who also have ear infections, I am saying yes again. The pedi’s office informed me that they like to see anyone who has had a cough for more than 4 days. Whoops. I made an appointment for this afternoon because the thought of taking off for a weekend getaway and suddenly needing to find a walk-in clinic sounds less than appealing.

So in addition to the last minute running around I have to do, I also need to negotiate an early pick-up, a pedi visit which I hope will take less than my “lunch” hour, and then I will need to entertain Caroline here at work for the last bit of my workday before we head home and into our weekend.

Caroline slept great last night. We took in all the advice that was offered and it really seemed to work out. We removed the little animal collection from Caroline’s crib and let her choose which item she wanted to take to bed with her – no surprise there that she chose her little baby doll. We read books with the baby, snuggled together with the baby, and I listened to another mom who has been there with the separation anxiety and explained each step of the bedtime routine to her. “We’re reading 3 books, then going upstairs, and I will sing you two songs before I wait outside your door.” “We’re reading 2 more books…” I sat outside her room with the door open, not making any eye contact and she fell asleep – partly from exhaustion and partly from a well laid out plan I hope.

We’ll be sticking with it – and we hope that over the weekend there aren’t many more nights like Monday. I’ve got to be rested to win that peppercini eating contest! Brett and my father picked up a BJs size jar of petite peppercini and we will be following the poll – 4 rounds – most rounds won wins. You can look forward to not only the results of the contest, but also many photos of a relaxing trip to the Cape/Islands. It will be Caroline’s first time over to the Vineyard and we are excited to share it with her, if only for a day. I suspect she will be appropriately Black Dog and Backwater outfitted on the return ferry trip.


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