Strawberry Walked Into A Bar

It’s Thriday and this morning when I dropped Caroline off I whispered in her ear that tomorrow she was mine mine mine, all mine. Then I removed Abby from her hands replacing her with a Trader Joe “Strawberry Walked into a Bar” and her milk cup like a magician ripping a tablecloth out from beneath a beautifully set table and poof, there was no meltdown, just a sticky fingered kiss blower waving goodbye to me.

I tucked Abby into Caroline’s car seat (along with her special blanket of course) and I can already hear her exclaims of “Abby! Abby! Mwah,mwah” and wow does that make me smile and want to get out of here.

It’s been a busy Thriday. I ran a program today, went to the “company picnic,” averted my eyes from the Public Works guys who might be responsible for those gashes in my lawn forcing myself to hold my tongue, took some challenging calls, and talked wedding with Colleen for the better part of the afternoon on gchat. All in a days work my friend.

The weather looks gorgeous for Friday and the weekend. We are gearing up for another tailgate and I intend on locating that doll stroller to bring with us. Don’t worry Keeks, it shouldn’t take up too much room!!! I hope!!! Let’s all say a silent prayer for the Eagles to find the endzone more than UCF and that Baldwin will somehow be absent from the tailgating festivities this week.

Also - there is a new link at McCashew Extras to the left. A lovely beanie posted this on our messageboard today and with her permission I linked it. It's worth reading & saving.


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