Sunday highlights because I know if I wait until Monday or Tuesday they might be banished from my memory.

Steve arrived home just before nap time and I think it is safe to say that this was the highlight of Caroline's day. All morning she kept asking for Daddy, "calling" him on the phone, pointing to the door and saying "Daddy?" I think she rested better knowing that all was well in her little world; Daddy had returned.

Caroline and Reese had some real quality time, complete with Caroline laying on Reese's back and kissing her. I wouldn't say the feeling is mutual, but Reese is tolerating her much more these days.

We built Caroline's first fort this afternoon. Didn't we all do this when we were kids? I loved making forts with couch cushions and afghans. In a moment of brilliance we moved her Learning Home into the corner created between the couches and now the door serves as a door to her secret corner. I stashed her books in a basket inside and I think she will be happy as a HUM clam hiding out over there. It was too tempting NOT to make it into a fort and so one Northeastern blanket later us girls were happily sitting in the corner in our fort with Caroline attempting to echo my "no boys allowed."

McBossy herself orders us to drink with her. No Marc and Uncle Hokie, not shots of Jager. She says "joosh" and points to each of our glasses at dinner and we all drink together. This is an amazing way of getting her to drink more milk, but seriously - BOSSY!!!

While we were cleaning up dinner Caroline put on her fridge DJ and at the end of the song it says "all right." There must have been an echo because poof, "all right!"

We're getting into "mine" lately and tonight during her bath I got all sad when she pushed my hand away from the watering can and said "MINE!" with a devilish grin. She responded to my pouts first with laughter and then by handing me the toy. I gave it back to her and thanked her for sharing.

While I hesitate to type this out - I think we got the bedtime separation anxiety thing figured out. I explain the whole thing many times to her, reassure her, put her and Abby down just the way she likes to be snuggled up in her crib, sing one song, say goodnight, and walk out. The trick seems to be leaving the door open until she falls asleep. I can't blame her, I hate sleeping with the door closed. Do people really close their bedroom doors? Even if no one else is home?


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