A symphony of whining

It's been a whine fest this morning, thankfully when we arrived at the Mall play area I realized I am not in the minority as it seemed ALL the children were whiny. Just as sure as someone with a bum knee can tell rain is heading in, I now have a storm alert of my very own. There was whining because she wanted to watch "neh-mo" when we were already watching "ah-rel." Then whining because I wanted to put her shoes on. Even more whining because she was whining. Thank god I had the clarity to get us out of the house early and up to the play place. It was packed, she had fun, and she rode her first electronic 50 cent ride - a "tuck." It was very cute.

We made a pit stop at Trader's... hit up TJs for some onesies which they did not have and instead found a couple books to put away for December... plowed through the onesie selection at Macy's and disdainfully accepted that all they had in her size were plain white... and flew around the pink pj rack at Children's Place to find 3, any 3, feetie pjs size 24 months. We also picked up 2 emergency ponchos for Steve at Bed Bath and Beyond for the BC game tomorrow, which looks like it is going to be quite wet. There has already been a ridiculous phone call about what to wear a la 8th grade.

Caroline and I are hunkering down the rest of the day. I have some sour cream so we might bake some cookies and I already have her painting book on the table ready to go. Wish me an afternoon of minimal whining and fun with my little girl who incidentally is wearing overalls for the first time today. They make her look so tall!


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