We had a fun day, I ain't Lion

Had a great time at a local Children's Museum today with Ethan and Amanda . The weather held out long enough for us to enjoy some bubbles outside, for Caroline to get "chased" by a puppet lion, and for the kids to utterly exhaust themselves. Caroline had a ball playing in the water area and racing about brushing huge teeth, climbing stairs, playing with fruit, watching golf balls fly through machines. There were soaking wet khakis, multiple Purell sessions, and not a single meltdown! I kept her awake for the ride back home with snacks, but she conked out en route to the house in about 3 seconds. The absolute icing on the cake for me was getting to talk to Amanda without constantly having to race after a toddler. It's funny how easy it is to spend time with someone you've only met once when they have a blog you are able to stalk. =) Ethan was his adorable self, so interested in all the people and goings on. He really is the most well tempered baby! He was wearing sporty denim and I had to hold myself back from not lifting his little jeans up to bite his adorable baby thighs. Edible that Ethan - edible.

We miss Steve. Caroline keeps looking for Daddy, calling for him throughout the house, pretending to call him on the phone. Tonight we called him and interrupted boys nights so Caroline could say "night, night." I don't think Steve feels it was an interruption, it was the first time she's said it and she said it to him.

The girls made lasagna, ate Hoodsie cups (she fed me! and said yum after every bite the way I do when I am trying to get her to like something), snuggled, played with Abby, and by bedtime she was so pooped from all the fun of her exciting Saturday that she closed her eyes the instant I put her down (and Abby was at her side).

So thanks Amanda and Ethan for a really great afternoon. It won't be long before Ethan gets his own water smock and the two of them are racing all over running away from that scary lion!


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