Me that is. Today is so busy, so frantic, so insane. I have a caregiver seminar tonight at 5:45. I am calling it a sandwich supper for sandwiched caregivers (caring for both aging family members and their own children/teens). I literally ran around picking things up for over 2 hours this afternoon; stuff for the meal, dessert, a crafty activity to entertain the attendees children. Now that I type that it doesn't seem that bad, but it was crazy out there when I went out - lunchtime. That was DUMB of me, but it had to happen then so I could get back to work and finish up the rest of my work before I start setting up for this dinner.

Good times.

Caroline was a little off last night, really warm (circa her father) and exhausted before 8pm. In the span of a week we have gone from desperate to not go to bed until 9:30 to conked out before 8. I will call it a cumulative effect of sleep deprivation from Monday to now and call it a day.

I was stymied this morning when I went to retrieve a load of laundry that had dried whilst we slept and found it damp. There is not much worse in the laundry arena. I had hoped to fold and organize those clothes so we could pack Caroline up tonight when I get home from my little seminar, but clearly that isn't happening.

Oh, yes, we are a family on the move again, or as our neighbor once asked, FBI agents who are never ever home. This weekend is the BC/VT game, also known as the night Colleen and Greg break up... every year, but it's planned and expected and there is no name calling or crying. Well, maybe there is, but Greg always recovers nicely. =) (sorry Greg, as a non-eagle I really shouldn't get involved, but seriously, how can I NOT say ANYTHING. Besides, it is easier to say it here than to your face. Nah!) My parents are also going to be in attendance and the forecast is calling for arctic temps at the nationally televised night game. Keeps your eyes peeled for cashews if you happen to be watching. Steve is about ready to pee his pants because he heard a rumor that Matty Ice might be returning to his alma mater to have his number retired. He is very excited. Caroline will be a very well recommended sitter for the afternoon/evening, but she will have FOUR grandparents vying for her attention on Sunday morning. She is so lucky! Later that day we'll be partaking in pizza and presents for the Arnold boys who are turning ONE. Where did that year go, seriously???

It's a big weekend, there is a lot to do to prepare; packing, produce shopping, present picking, and pumpkin whoopie baking. I love fall.


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