From the Fashion Week Tents to Caroline's Crib

Morning came early and though Caroline has been amusing herself with undressing poor Abby in the time between wake up and diaper change lately, it was just not to be today. Steve needed to be up and out around 7:30, which thankfully forced me to get my sorry butt out of bed before 6:45. When I walked by the monitor on my dresser she was already sitting up and I could see her turn her head to the sounds of movement from our room. Steve had to go start the morning get ready business just after I closed the bathroom door. He called just as I was about to start the shower so I too could see what had transpired overnight.

Somehow our dear daughter had managed to get one arm out of her sleeper sleeve, zipper and button still intact. Steve asked her if she was trying a new “one shoulder style.” Our Caroline, very fashion forward these days. I have no clue how she managed to get that arm out while all zipped up.

I won’t be able to spend a whole lot of time with my family this evening. I am heading to a local high school around dinnertime to set up shop at a College Fair where I will represent my alma mater. I got an email about this late in the summer and thought, “sure, why not?” I could at least poke around the local events and see if there were any that were truly close to home and required a minimum commitment. (Let’s not kid ourselves that I have oodles of time to volunteer- HA!) I think good ol’ NU is onto something here and maybe other schools are doing this too? What better way to promote your programs than with a local satisfied alum? All the handouts, information cards, and even the banner/tablecloth were sent to me in the mail with a prepaid shipping envelope to send the important things back to Boston. I read the information over last night and I have to admit I am looking forward to it. I even unearthed a 2001 Beanpot momento from the Fleet to hold my treats.

All this means that I wanted to make this morning a little more than cold cereal and fruit. So a la Neil, I made pancakes with Caroline and she gobbled them up with syrup and her fork. While we were stirring the batter she spied those Schoolhouse Cookies on the counter and asked for one. Normally cookies in the morning don’t fly with me, but since she was hungry and we were still full minutes from cooked cakes - there were cookies. This prompted the first ever completely unprompted thank you and that made me beam with pride.

Steve will be solo tonight for both dinner and bedtime. I cleared the dishwasher, washed all the morning dishes by hand, and hopefully left him with a clean slate from which to begin his solo task. They will be more than fine, but I will miss them.

It’s Thriday! Tomorrow Caroline and I are going to meet Zachary, Erica and Paul’s little boy. Later there might be a special dinner, some wine, and some nostalgia while we look back over the four years of our married life – time goes so fast.


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