Items of _____

I am literally shoving spoonfuls of Thick and Creamy Strawberry Yoplait down my gullet as I type this. I am en route to a health fair in town and will be there the rest of the day, so you will just have to do without a lengthy update today. I am just as sad about it as you are.

Item of note - Caroline's skin is supremely sensitive as of late. If you touch her neck she gets all red and splotchy immediately. A headband scraped along her cheeks to achieve perfect placement results in a big red line of irritation. What gives sensitive skin?

Item of victory - After two timeouts mid dinner for food throwing, Caroline stood next to me at the counter and ate spinach ravioli until I ran out. We think we are officially moving from the high chair to the booster. It will hopefully make a difference.

Item of cuteness - Trying to manage the time between walk and tub in a way that did not include Neh-mo, ahh-rel, or the latest Belle brought me to play pretend let's give hugs and kisses with her stuffed animals. It was so ridiculously sweet!

Item of bossiness - Steve sent Caroline to get me for our walk post dinner clean up. So she sassed right into the kitchen and yelled "Momma! Walk!"

I love my sassy, bossy, cute, non-eater with surpremely sensitive skin.


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