McSomethings Take The Big Apple

Our home computer is currently mid hiccup and as we work out those issues I have been utterly LOST without email and Internet. I literally raced downstairs on Monday to get a recipe from my email account so I could do the shopping and make dinner. I can’t even upload the photos from our trip to NYC… well, that’s not entirely true… I COULD… but I don’t want to risk it. I actually welcomed the online time that my workday would bring. Sad.

Though Monday was technically a holiday, only one of us had the day off which made it seem just like any other Monday. Before I get into yesterday and this week, let’s do a LONG recap of the weekend shall we? I could try to be succinct, but seriously how often do I report on something like a weekend in the city? If there was ever a time to give myself permission to be detailed…

My parents came down on Saturday morning to enjoy the company of the shortest human member of our family while we caught a train to NYC. Nana and Granda even posted photos their time with Caroline, you can view it through my Picasa link. Those will be the only photos you see for the near future, so please, ration wisely. =) We got Caroline organized, reiterated the schedule, but really they know the drill and if they weren’t sure, Caroline is so independent now that she can show Nana where her pjs are or ask for juice when she wants it. No sweat. Steve made us a to go lunch (smartie!) for the ride into the city and we were off before noon.

1:30ish arrival at Grand Central, we headed towards the Subway Shuttle…old Metro Card EXPIRED. UGH. finagling/cursing and finally off to Times Square.

shortly before 2pm we come up for air from below ground and Steve miraculously remembers where the Marriott Marquis is guiding us effortlessly to the relocated TKTS booth… line already forming… over an hour to wait… realize the TKTS booth is cash only, I sprint to BOA… meet 4 “cute” girls from Brigham Young interning in DC enjoying a girl’s weekend in the city… one is a red sox fan and tries to pick up my husband; “whose pitching tonight?” and we talk celeb gossip with another…

3pm. TKTS line moving and we are pushed in front of booth… I have the cash in hand and the shows we want to see fresh in my mind. All My Sons is sold out, we opt for comedy with Spamalot and score 17th row orchestra seats, dead center, but not without a near panic attack and an argument with the couple (whose ethnicity I keep to myself) standing behind us. Not long after we had positioned ourselves for a window the woman behind me began pushing me and when I did not move an inch (thank you 30 Day Shred) she melded her body into mine so that not one square inch of my entire rear side was not mushed up against her. I only wish I were exaggerating. I finally turned to her and said, “could you please not push me, you are making me uncomfortable.” “others moved in from the sides, you should PUSH that woman.” “NO, I am sorry, I am not pushing!” So the minutes ticked by while the woman at the front made her SLOW purchase after leaving the line because she did not have cash. The next woman had been seated just ahead of me in line and she and her 2 friends took FOREVER; asking if a show was good, who was in it, was is depressing? The whole time I was screaming in my head for them to hurry please while the woman behind me continued her full on press assault. Steve calmed her husband, “they are all together” FINALLY our turn, husband of back side assaulter lost his marbles and screamed at Steve that he thought “you were all together!” Steve said, “No, they are all together, CALM DOWN.” “NO YOU CALM DOWN!” I am waiting for the man to get our “two very nice seats middle orchestra for Spamalot” and I turn to him, “it’s a half price theatre ticket, seriously!?!?” Finally with tickets in hand we move away from the window, but in time to hear that our two friends are going to see Gypsy. I was shaking, literally unable to calm down, and we walked the entire way to our hotel on the Upper East Side. It was a really nice walk, but it was several blocks before I was composed enough to enjoy it.

We stayed at Hotel 57 (57th and Lexington) a stone’s throw from Bloomingdale’s and some really nice shopping. After our long walk and our TKTS adventure we dropped our bags in the room, checked out our AMAZING view of the Chrysler Building and headed down for drinks in the hotel bar. They had the windows open and our drinks (I had a coconut mojito) hit the spot, though Steve was less than impressed that on a Saturday FULL of college football the tvs were spotlighting European Soccer. We witnessed the most appalling gaggle of French women seated across from us who ordered without making eye contact, handing glassware that they deemed unacceptable back to waitstaff, even talking badly of their waitress after she stopped to check on them. I twittered like a mad woman, we made a point to thank our lovely waitress profusely, as if our thanks could somehow make up for the rudeness of these terrible women. When our drinks had done their jobs of mellowing us for a nice evening ahead we sprinted back to our 16th floor room to rewardrobe and coif and were out the door hailing a cab at 5:30.

5:30 – Cab we hail takes us for tourist fools as he drives us to East 52nd when we request 52nd between 6th and 7th. We hop out and walk the two blocks to dinner. DINNER! I spent the entire meal savoring bite after bite, “ummmmmmmm” ing to no end and forcing Steve to try another bite because OH MY GOD THIS PORK! We went to Bar Americain and it was one of the top 5 meals I have ever eaten, no make that top 3. It was amazing from the get go, starting with the breadbasket, which included these little corn bread breadsticks that I would have arm wrestled Steve for, but it was our anniversary so I let him have the other one without a fight. We had a grilled pizza app of gruyere cheese, double roasted bacon and caramelized onions. Steve had the steak special, Philadelphia style with melted provolone and caramelized onions. I ordered the rack of pork with apple chutney, creamed corn, and sour cream mash. It was STELLAR. The creamed corn had that southwestern Bobby Flay zing and whoever thought I would have been licking my plate to get every morsel of CREAMED CORN!?!? The woman next to us was hemming and hahhing so much over her dessert that I asked her what she ordered and we enjoyed the caramel whiskey ├ęclairs as well. YUM. The funniest moment – the man next to us juggled his water glass accidentally and I ended up wearing some of it. The celeb moment – the makeup artist – creative director – of the Loreal Paris Make Up Room on Project Runway was there. It was great from start to finish. {Edited to add: It was SO good that I actually said out loud, "this is so much better than sushi." Our initial plans were bringing us to the show by way of Nobu and while I am sure that sushi would have been amazing, it had NOTHING on this meal, NOTHING and that my friends is saying something.}

The show was HYSTERICAL and made me think many times of my college roommate Natalie’s spouse, particularly at the Knights of Ni and shrubbery section. Laugh out loud funny and yes, Clay was there, though his love child was not. We did look. AND what do you know – Gypsy was playing across the street. No sighting of back assaulters again, but wouldn’t THAT have been funny.

Post show- Irish Pub (Emmett O’Lunney’s 50th and Broadway)- where we bellied up to the bar to watch the Sox game and drink YUENGLING. Oh Ling, how I love you. We left in the 10th with a bar bill of just 30.00 for over 3 hours of drinks and chicken fingers. Gotta love NYC with those buy backs. Sorry Boston bartenders, but I think NYC wins.

Sunday we planned to find a little diner to have breakfast, but COULD NOT FIND ONE?!?!?! I know. It sounds insane and even impossible, but we ended up walking through Rockefeller Center (where we enjoyed a pre breakfast funnel cake!) and at the very same diner we ate at with Colleen and Caroline at in July. The waitstaff was still singing and ours (Vanessa) did an amazing cover of Defying Gravity from Wicked. It made me a little teary – sap that I am. There is just something about watching people trying to make it singing their guts out while they pour sodas and shlep tips. I hope she makes it.

Post challah French toast, we jetted full circle to the Times Square Subway Shuttle back to Grand Central where we caught the 12:07 homeward bound.

It was a wonderful weekend, a happy celebration, and while we missed the bubba lou she had an absolute blast with her grandparents. THANKS so much to them for making it so easy for us to go and do this.

As for this week. Two nights in a row now we’ve had tough bedtimes with squirming and on and off crying lasting from 8-9 and a wake up call at the bright old hour of 6am, which by the way, AIN’T so bright lately. This morning I threw up the blinds and explained that we don’t get up before the sun does. What gives Caroline???

Yesterday I did not shower. I did not take the nap I should have since I seem to fighting a cold. Instead during her 2.5 hour nap I chopped vegetables and made two amazing dinners that I will eat for the rest of the week. Steve is still on his boiled chicken (Blech!) kick, though I did convince him to try my non-meat pasta primavera last night instead. It was delish, so fresh, so good for you, and even Caroline liked it despite the 22 cherry tomatoes and entire banana she ate in the hour preceding dinner. She helped mix all the veggies into the pasta and even doled the servings out onto plates. SO CUTE! Tonight I get to heat up the mushroom risotto, which is so yummy I had to force myself not to eat a second lunch. I did share with Caroline who had a small helping post nap along with some fruit and she seemed to enjoy it. So yeah for not having to cook all week. I think I can make a habit of this one-day cooking thing, so long as my spouse keeps up with chicken habit.

Posting will be limited, but I will try. Photos coming soon we hope!


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