NEWSFLASH: "Novel seat results in consumption of protein!"

While at the health fair yesterday I got a peek at a helicopter testing. My first inclination was to flip open my phone and send off a photo to my brother. If there is anyone who could appreciate that photo, it would be Brett. Sadly no cameras were allowed and my contraband cell phone camera could have been removed from my person and my person might not have had an enjoyable afternoon. So, sorry Brett, no photo, but it was pretty amazing.

The health fair was as exciting as a health fair can get, but I did manage to offer some support to several caregivers that I might otherwise never have made contact with, so there’s that. On the work front, today is the service for my client who recently passed away. I want to pay my respects to his lovely daughter. The Police have already contacted me and it is likely that my records and an official statement will be requested for their investigation. I am still angered by this and though many kind people (especially Steve and my mother, though shockingly NOT my supervisor who took this opportunity to share with me her own experience of working in protective services – ahem) have assured me that I did all the right things, that I made the referral, that I need not feel guilty, I am. I am hopeful that after a chance to see his daughter face to face and offer my sincere and heartfelt condolences that I will be able to free myself from some of this.

Enough of that.

Steve and I are in the midst of finalizing the details of our Columbus Day weekend anniversary plans. Four years?! We are going to take the train into the city, catch a show, have an amazing dinner, eat late night cheesecake, sleep past 6:30, and enjoy a lingering breakfast. Don’t worry, Caroline won’t be fending for herself! She’ll be enjoying a night at home with Nana and Granda who graciously agreed to travel to us to spend the night. They are tickled and I think maybe even more excited than we are. So we’re all looking forward to it, Caroline included. We haven’t told Reese yet, but I am sure she will approve.

I attached the hook on chair to the dining room table last night. We had brought it with us to the Cape with great success and with dinner not including much eating lately for any of us between food throwing, tears, and time outs – why not try a new novel seat right? Caroline willingly and quickly stuffed 4 chicken nuggets into her tummy before declaring she was “all done.” I think we’ll take that. What about veggies you ask? HA! Fruit even? HA! Let’s all just be happy about the nuggets for now – I call that success. This morning she walked over to her high chair and when I suggested she could sit at the table her answer was and excited “Ya” and an almost empty bowl of Rice Krispies. Little Red Hook On Chair – you are my hero – at least for this week.

Today is Day 4 of the Shred. We noticed less fatigue last night, but it still left us sweaty, out of breath, and pooped. My energy is up, I feel a bit sore but it’s that good kind of sore. Steve has a cold, which is a rarity for him, and he STILL pushed through. This morning he sounded terrible and when I suggested that perhaps we might need to take the night off I was rebuffed. Dedication? I’ll say! Steve, you are kind of my hero with this Shred goal we have. I have been so impressed with your gung ho attitude and commitment. It makes it that much easier to get my sneaks on each night and whether you know it or not, you're pushing me to get lower on my push ups, to keep jumping when my calves are screaming, and to curse Jillian. It wouldn't be the same if I didn't get that fist bump at the end of those 20 minutes. Thanks.


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