Official Pay It Forward Contest Details!

In keeping with Pay It Forward traditions, BEHOLD, my box courtesy of Cass. Opening this box was like opening up a box from an old friend, a very generous and thoughtful friend. She themed it "My Favorite Things." In case you can't see from the photo or cannot read her note: ultra fine sharpies (LOVE!), Tootsie Pops (how many licks?), cocoa with biscotti (why have I never tried that before???), comfy socks (um, hi Cass, how is it you knew that I have arctic feet?), fancy napkins (squee!!!), the smell of Fall (which is simmering in a pot as I type this), yummy soap and lotion (that I am apparently to greedy to share with the rest of my family who won't possibly appreciate its goodness), and ecosafe sponges (the answer to my Paper Towel Dilemma!!!). This box rocks and she has set a new standard in Pay It Forward Prizes!!! Thanks, Cass!

With that, I am happy to announce the McCashew Pay It Forward Contest begins today and will end this Friday – October 31st. Entering is easy; just comment on this post with an answer to the following question:

“My best Halloween disguise was….”

Three random winners will each receive a McCashew Goodie Box.

What’s stopping you – enter now – win a great prize – and spread the kindness.


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