Our daughter the seal, Part II

Much like the Godfather Part II, this sequel did not quite meet the high expectations of the audience. Caroline went down without any issue last night before 8:30, post drive to MA. An hour into my own slumber at 11:30 I woke up, with absolutely not a clue where I was. Why was I on this side of the bed and why was the door over there, and where were the stairs and oh yeah, I am not home. I awoke to those familiar and heart chilling barks, mixed in this time with cries of "Mommy." I got her right outside into the night air, but the barking persisted and I remembered last fall (in October coincidentally and scaryily enough the very same weekend!) when the steamy shower seemed to work. So it was back inside and upstairs to the shower and before I knew it we were sitting in a steamy room. By the time her breathing became less labored and the barking subsided she was wide awake. This nervous mother wanted to make sure that breathing stayed that way so into bed with her parents she went and she was up. and up. and up. Until just after 3am. We're off to find a cool mist humidifier. Like the Godfather Part II, there surely will be a Part III (perhaps even in 2009 the third weekend in October), though we are hoping it will be as robust and long lasting as this sequel was - that is to say, manageable.


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