Pay it Forward Part I

All the answers to the questions you didn't know you had...

What is a Pay it Forward Contest?

We live in a plugged-in fast-paced world. We fight strangers for parking spots. We admonish those who dare to go through the 10 items or less with 12 items. We might not even know our neighbors last name. (I am guilty of this!) We are all mostly good people though aren't we? A Pay It Forward Contest is just what you think it is. It is a chance to be pay kindness forward to a potential perfect stranger.

How does it work?

These contests have been happening on blogs for quite some time. I recently entered my one and only at Cass Just Curious and what do you know? I won!!! She hosted a contest on her blog and selected three random commenters as winners. She sent all three winners amazing boxes, which I will post photos of with the official Pay It Forward Entry Post. Now as the winner of her contest, I need to do my duty and pay it forward. So stay tuned for the green light! The three winners of my contest will also be expected to pay it forward and on and on and on.

What if I don't have a blog?

No problem! If you have a blog it is easy to host your own pay it forward, drawing three random commenters to be winners. If you don't, just get back in touch with me and ask me to draw more random winners for you. Ta Da!

What will I win?

That is the best part. You won't know until you receive it in the mail, but I am cooking up quite a gift box.

STAY TUNED. The McFam's Pay It Forward Contest is COMING SOON!


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