Sleeping Suspicions

We are all having trouble getting up in the morning. These dark fall mornings are deadly when mixed with tired parents armed with a snooze button. I barely made it past 10pm last night and that was with great effort.

Caroline has not been loving her bath lately. Ever since she came home from school on Thursday with a rash requiring huge dollops of Triple Paste, it’s been a cry fest. I convinced her to sit down on Monday night, but only after offering her the watering can and pouring some “BUBBLES!!!” into the tub. Last night there was similar convincing tactics until I tried heartily to remove the playground sand from behind her ears. She decided that her bath was over and swung her leg over the side in a sad attempt to escape.

The rash is gone, but the fear remains. My poor Bubba.

I have growing concerns about keeping her warm at night. Don’t all parents? She goes down with a onesie and a feetie sleeper, but cannot keep a blanket on. This makes me wonder where exactly along the time continuum we develop the ability and preference to sleep on a pillow, with a blanket tucked just so, feeling comfy under its weight and warmth. Along these same lines, when exactly do we just stop moving every which way in our sleep and no longer spin in circles while we dream? My “everything in its place” girl is destined to, like her mother, retuck the sheets before jumping under the covers. (Today at drop off I watched her wipe her crumbs, push in her chair, and toss the napkin away before I raced to work already 10 minutes late – see above re the snooze button.) I am not even necessarily saying I want her to sleep this way – I am just wondering if anyone has any theories about how this switch is made because it seems really strange to me that babies and adults sleep so differently.


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