Some Housekeeping

"Kerri, what gives? Why is there a month 21B?"

That would be because we officially switched over to our shiny new laptop! Kudos to Papa for the sweet deal. Since there is already a month 21 and we aren't using that computer anymore, I had to create a second one. Updated photos will be placed into the B folder until we complete our market research for the purchase of an external hard drive. I know, I know.


Third Item of Interest: Santa

I have been pushing the big bearded guy in the red suit this year already. When the Radio City commercials come on I flip out screaming and pointing, "SANTA!!!" We picked up a small part of Steve's holiday gift yesterday afternoon and walked by a Hallmark store already decking the halls in OCTOBER PEOPLE?!?!? There were two huge Santa posters in the window - one in a leather biker jacket - talk about confusing for a toddler! We spent some time pointing to Santa on our way to our destination and again on our way out. Just as we approached the door my little girl looked up at me and pointed back, "Sah-ta?" I thought about saying no, but seriously, she asked for SANTA! So back we went where she paraded me through the store looking at all the Santa related merch already on display. We continued this at home by flipping through "The Night Before Christmas" complete with yells of "SAH-TA!" at each page where the big guy makes an appearance. I think my excitement for Christmas this year rivals that of my own childhood. Caroline won't "get it" completely, but the spirit of Christmas is already coursing through our home's veins... we suspect the cries of "SAH-TA" will be replaced with real tearful cries for the extra special lap sit at the McFam Annual Holiday Shin Dig with Bim mascarading as St. Nick, but until then... "SAH-TA!"

Lastly, Pay It Forward

Get your comments in. There are just 4 days remaining in the Pay It Forward Contest. For those feeling less creative in hosting a contest of your own, please just enter! In the spirit of all this giving we can work something out!


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