Still sucking

Their baaaaccckkk!

Just as I was beginning to question my overwhelming disdain and resentment, I pulled into the driveway yesterday afternoon and in a very Seinfeld “Newman” way whispered, “sucktaculars.” Sure, they don’t say hello. True, we do listen to them argue and swear at each other on their porch in their pajamas. Absolutely, the little one is a Trouble maker (note the capital T). It all just seemed a little less suck though over the summer. If you recall there was afterall an alert from their side of the street that our toddler had ran into the street. AND YET.

It is Fall and the leaves have begun to let go of the branches and collect on their tree belt. There they sit until the winds carry them over to our side of street where they pile against the curb and roll over the lawn in droves. Last night I arrived home to what easily could have been three leaf bags of leaves scattered across the yard, but mostly pushed into a pile against the curb. I gazed across at the small pile accumulating under the sucktotrees that had not yet been pushed by the wind over to our property. I was seething, Ursuala-like. Yes, I have been watching too much Little Mermaid.

We had dinner. It was getting dark and yet I felt I had to go out to do some clean up. Leaving Caroline in Steve’s care (he tried to stop me, told me not to waste my time, assured me he would mulch them soon) I went to take care of just the enormous pile in the street. Dad, exactly where does this cleaning compulsion originate??? While shoveling arm load after arm load into 2 leaf bags I began imagining scenarios in which I could toss a rake at them or how I might attach a package of leaf bags to their front door. Just then our other neighbor pulled over with her daughter and said that her husband was going to “address the situation,” but only with our support. UM YEAH!!! Though I highly doubt he will need any support from Steve. I am quite happy that we find ourselves to be mostly on his good side.

She shared that last fall while we were away at football games her husband would blow all the leaves back over to their side of the road and wet them with the hose. Once he even took all of the ones from his property and the front of ours and blew them onto their CAR. I am not sure how he plans to address it this year since those methods seem a little well, how can I say it nicely?

So here we are, back where we started. There was no improved 2.0 version for the sucktaculars, just temporary amnesia. The one silver lining with all the leaves is that Caroline has discovered them and loves to run through them. She might actually have the patience to put up with yard clean up this year. I am looking forward to her first leaf jumps, which judging by the number of leaves that still need to fall from those Sucktotrees, will make a pretty nice pile for her. Last year we worked with a single rake. THIS YEAR, thanks to my parents, we will be blowing and sucking with our new toy and that will make it much much easier and LOUDER. The sucktaculars might not be able to talk loudly on their phone from the porch while they oversee our leaf cleanup efforts. Darn.


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