A Tale of Two Daddies

Sorry for the short time frame on that video in yesterday's post, but there is a certain part that we don't want to publicize too much to the world at large. =)

It was girl's night Tuesday while Steve hopped on up to Foxboro for a Town Hall meeting (for his employer) and a customer appreciation event at Gillette Stadium. He even got to "meet" Wes Welker (S felt he was less than personable). A customer did a slightly dubious deed by asking Steve when they were just a few feet from the player to have one of his two items signed; there was a one item per person rule. Steve did the right thing and agreed, but gave up his opportunity for an autograph of his own. Thankfully a higher up saw what had transpired and he sent Steve to the Pro Shop to get something for Welker to sign afterwards, but what a slick move by this guy right??? Greedy. Greedy. Greedy.

Steve had "Pat the Patriot" sign a card for Caroline and even had the patience to ask two of the Patriettes (the hot 19 year-old cheerleaders) to sign under their photos for Caroline too. The sacrifices Steve makes for his family.

So it was just Mom and ear infected toddler last night. Oh, did I forget to mention that? Ever since Keeks and Steve came down on Saturday evening we noticed that Caroline was a bit off. She had fought her afternoon nap, but we weren't sure if it was just because of the strange surroundings (we were enjoying an afternoon with Paul, Erica, and little Zach) or something else. I bit the bullet and took her in for an ear check on Monday and LO AND BEHOLD... wouldn't you know it. ANOTHER ear infection. More antibiotics. Another one to list to the docs at Children's when we go for our follow-up early December. Poor kid.

I had planned on making something with Caroline for dinner in honor of Mommy and Caro night, but her patience was not where it needed to be so we cooked up some spinach ravioli instead. She enjoyed sprinkling on some Parmesan shavings. Every car that drove by, every bump outside was "Daddy!" except that it wasn't. She kept calling for him, wondering where he was. After dinner was consumed and cleaned up and her lunch was put together she started bringing me movie after movie after movie. So we watched Ratatouille (bits and pieces) until bedtime, all snuggled up on the couch together. She had a nice tub (called for Steve when she was ready to get out) and went right down for me around 8:15 after "The Night Before Christmas," and only 10 minutes before her Daddy got home.

On those rare occasions when Steve can't be home we make the best of our time together by doing things we might not ordinarily do on a random Tuesday night. I have been waiting for those once in awhile solo parenting nights to become an opportunity and not a frantic, crazed, S.O.S. and finally it is turning that way. We covered ourselves in blankets, had a special treat, watched a movie. We more than survived. We enjoyed our night, but did we ever miss Daddy.

Please think good thoughts today for my Daddy/Granda, who as I type this is most likely in surgery for an injury he received in a car accident in February(!!!). It will be a long road to recovery, but when I spoke to him last night he was in excellent spirits, really looking forward to moving ahead, and with that great attitude I have no doubts that he will get through this wonderfully. While you are thinking those good thoughts, please add another that he tees off this spring pain-free.


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