Time skips

I overuse time flies, so instead today time will skip because skipping is happy and youthful and man, on a gorgeous day like today (which reminds me SO much of our wedding day) a girl's got to skip.

Its fun to look back over these four years and shake our heads at how far we have come, how much things have changed, and how much they have stayed the same. We never would have imagined living anywhere but Boston, we never could have been prepared to love anyone as much as we love our Caro, and yet what we thought we knew then, that this was the right someone, still rings true even more so today than it did October 10, 2004. Marriage isn't always easy, sure sometimes it even takes work & GASP patience, but those tougher moments are far and few between and seem to bring a deeper appreciation for each other.

Two years ago, we were expecting Caroline in February and celebrated in New Hampshire. I popped that weekend and still drank wine with dinner daring the diners to gawk.

Last year Caroline had arrived, she was 8 months old, and we spent our evening at home, drinking wine, catching up on months old DVR's programs. For us at that time, an evening spent together like that was such a treat. We were just coming back to a typical life with a baby who slept through the night and went to bed without too much fanfare.

Happy Anniversary to my Steve. I care more for you now than I was capable of then. I never would have thought that possible, but I do.

While we are talking anniversaries - Happy 32nd to our anniversary twins Kiki and Steve. Since we got married in the same church it's great to imagine our ceremonies linked across time. When I picture Steve and I standing at that altar, there you are too. Enjoy your special day! Thinking of you both.


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