"umm ma"

The latest obsession in our house and there are MANY, but the most recent one is "umm ma." What is that you ask? "Umm ma" is Caroline's word for ice cream. I already know what you are thinking - "Caroline loves ice cream, wow, how exciting, don't all kids love ice cream?" and if you said that - you would be in a word - WRONG.

Not all kids love ice cream! Brett. My mother used to have to beg him to eat it and for years he would only eat one kind; pistachio. This was our "code word" which really ate me up because I hated it and for years I held onto that loathing until I grew up and tried it. It turns out, I really love pistachio. He also hated pizza. I know. I know. My POOR Mother! Her son lived on rolls, WATER, Eggo Waffles, and Hot Dogs. My father used to look at him across the table when we were all having pizza and ask him, "what's gonna happen when you take a girl out on a date and you go for pizza?" his answer "order a hot dog."

Caroline loves the idea of ice cream and more specifically, the idea of feeding it to me. She races to the freezer and strains her face all up while pulling on the handle saying, "umm ma." We sit down together at her little table and she scoops bite after bite of a hoodsie into my mouth. She occasionally takes a lick, but I think the cool factor is too much for her to contend with now. She'd much rather stuff my face, which I have to add she does in a sweet and also neat fashion.

Dear 30 Day Shred, I know that Hoodsies are not exactly the best snack I could be eating, but sitting quietly with my daughter while being fed spoonfuls of chocolate ice cream is just too important to pass up.


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