The Vacuum that was Tuesday meant I neglected you - I am sorry.

My Tuesday slipped away from me almost like the hours just got sucked up into a vacuum or something. WHOOSH- it was 4:30 and I was still talking to one of my bereavement group members. I hate it when that happens, but since Tuesday is my least favorite day of the week, I was more than okay with it. You know what makes Tuesdays the most challenging day? Getting up. When did the sun stop coming up in the morning and when did it get so cold? How can I flip a switch in my head to get up already when I have spent Friday – Sunday snuggling in bed for 20 minutes with my curly headed toddler?

Tuesdays – ick.

We had a lovely little weekend despite the dramatic difference between what we envisioned and what actually occurred. First there was illness and then hours spent searching the internets for a way to actually watch the BC game at home. The silver lining is that despite feeling like the whole thing blew up in our face, Steve enjoyed the game at a local watering hole with Ethans’s Dad. Afterwards we all enjoyed Ethan and his entourage over bowls of chili. Without a weekend at home we wouldn’t have been able to get to know them a bit better! We were tickled when Tom and Ann stopped by for a quick visit. Did you read yet? They are having a BOY!!! Let's all promise never to share with Caroline that Steve's response to the news was "everyone else has a boy," foot stomping and pouty face were implied.

With so much time spent traveling home for football games, these weekends are a rarity and while the vision didn’t match reality, we were glad to have some unplanned down time to recoup and get ready for a November full of football games. Recoup = spend Sunday over a large pot of homemade sauce. YUM. I’d post that recipe, but it isn’t mine to share.

This one isn’t mine to share persay, but since you can find it on foodtv please make and enjoy! I am having the leftovers tonight. I have been craving this one for a long time. As much as I love summer and grilling, nothing compares to the heartier fall/winter meals.

Last week I whined about Caroline not eating and lately she is an eating machine, scooping spoonful after spoonful of penne with that homemade sauce into her gullet, asking for more. The weekend was a big feeding frenzy and I officially am throwing in the towel. She will eat and she will not eat and they will all even themselves out... And scene.

Last night I made Brown Butter Porcini Ravioli and she took several bites of my meal and ignored her own macaroni and cheese. Clearly she’s moving upward and onward away from the failsafe Mac and Cheese. She snuck bites of the fresh ravioli uncooked while I waited for the water to boil. Since her father is eating mostly chicken this week (his idea not mine) I sprung for the mushroom ravioli and I am happy to report that it is possible that the mushroom lovers outnumber the haters 2-1. YES! Victory!!

What’s a post without a Caro anecdote? Abby continues to be A #1 around the house. She needs her best friend to share her bed at night (she even covers her up with a blanket nicely) and they take walks around the house all the time. She feeds her milk from her toy bottles and straps her into the now closed up highchair for meals. (she also strips her buck naked, but that is another story) Abby Abby Abby. We have gotten into a habit of bringing Abby to school with us and in an effort to keep the goodbyes easy in the morning we have begun a new routine where we say goodbye to Abby at the car, give her a kiss (“MAW”) and sit her in Caroline’s seat where she sits all day. I literally drive around with a doll in the carseat lovingly covered in a warm blanket. When we exit the double doors and into the late afternoon air each day Caroline has one thing and one thing only on her mind. Abby. She starts saying her name as soon as we get outside and when we get to the car window she laughs when she sees her sitting there waiting for her. She remembers! It cracks me up.

We’ve also noticed that she is listening ALL THE TIME. While we talk to one another she will occasionally interject a repeat of something we have said that she knows and we look at each other and give ourselves mental notes that are still some lingering things we might need to remove from our everyday speech. Ahem.


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