Weekend recovery

It was a whirlwind weekend and I know the McFam is still recovering. Thanks be to everything, the seal did not give us an encore Saturday night, which we were all thankful for. Caroline’s cough persists, but relative to Friday she is much improved. So we’ve got that going for us.

Kiki and Papa completed their tailgate prep (nothing short of amazing! and I mean both the prep and the results!) for the BC/VT game that night and we waited for my parents and then Betsy (our amazing sitter courtesy of Kelly) to arrive. I am pretty proud of myself for surrendering any lingering guilty parent stuff to the wind. I will admit that I had a few moments of “should we leave her?” but instead I decided to call Betsy and give her the scoop. I laid it out, said I would not be offended if she was not up to sitting for a croupy toddler and her answer of “I would still come even if she were throwing up” made me wish we had one of those things from Star Trek and we could just beam her down to CT once a month. How about reimbursement for miles??? Thank you, Betsy. I didn’t want to tell her that Caroline was sick/had been sick while we all raced out the door, locking it behind us, abandoning her with our sick kid. Talk about feeling trapped. So I was feeling better after that call and the heads up never hurts.

We really enjoyed our evening. People were of course looking for our little sweetie and as the night wore on I started making up answers like, “oh, she’s in the car!” It was STRANGE to be at a football game minus one family member. I worried about how she was doing at home, but we didn’t call, not even once and Betsy greeted us at the door with smiles and tales of good behavior and an easy bedtime with not one croup. I am actually hoping that there are future opportunities for her to sit with Caroline because she really was so wonderful.

The game, well, by now you all know how it turned out don’t you??? DON’T YOU!?!?! BC beat VT, thus stealing a national ranking away from the Hokies. We saw and met lots of Hokies - and get this, STOKIES (spouses of Hokies) - at the tailgate and all were gracious and kind. They take their football, well, they take it very seriously.

Sunday we lazed about with all the grandparents and auntie k. Steve and I were afforded the amazing luxury of sleeping in until 9:30!!! I needed it after my 11-3am croup shift on Friday. What a treat that was! I have no idea how I would have functioned without those 2 hours!

There was a holiday photo shoot. Our little spotlight lover enjoyed all the flashes and cheering. We think there are a few holiday card worthy shots in the bunch, including some lovely ones auntie took as we were getting ready to leave of our little trio. We spent a couple hours celebrating the Arnold twins’ first birthday before hitting the road. The boys were adorable with their faces covered in chocolate cake. Carly set up a whole pumpkin decorating area with stickers for the kids and you know who just about lost her mind when she saw that. Her little pumpkin is sitting on her table in the kitchen and she keeps rearranging the stickers each time she sits for a snack.

We all know the sox lost. It was sad, but people seem to be moving on in our house. Those seventh game seats for the Series would have been nice though for Steve and his Dad. Another year boys.

Caroline and I got up and out super fast Monday morning. We did the week’s shopping ($65!!! GO ME!) and raced to a walk-in weekly Toddler group at the library. Arrival at Big Y at 9:34. In car with receipt and toddler at 9:55. Racing out of breath into the library at 10:12. The other families had been entertaining their kids, carefully decorating fall leaf nametags. This Mom literally grabbed a leaf, scrawled CAROLINE, and ran. I am so glad we made it. She had a blast singing songs, clapping, jumping, and dancing. I got to watch her play with the rest of the group post class. It isn’t often that I get that opportunity (watching her playing with kids she doesn’t know) and she did really well sharing. It takes her a minute to assess the situation from the outside, but once she surveyed the land she made herself at home in a corner of the Lego table. Before we left, she and two other little girls were working together on a communal masterpiece.

I warned them today at school about Caroline’s croup. She woke up at 11:30 last night and needed a back rub to get back to sleep. She woke up again at 5:45 and I mentally shouted “NO WAY” and listened as she called for me three times before rolling over and falling back asleep until after 7:30. Now I can only think, “please not the ears.” It was a rush this morning. Between the late nights sox games, the night of croup, and the Pats last night, this family is zonked.

I got an amazing package in the mail on Thursday. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Perhaps you enjoy getting packages full of treats in the mail? Perhaps you would like to receive one from the McCashews? Perhaps then you should keep your eyes peeled for details of my own Pay It Forward Contest. Due to technical difficulties I have been having trouble getting a photo of the fabulous contents of my box from Cass' contest uploaded, which both made my mouth water and my dry hands leap for joy. What’s a pay it forward contest you ask??? Stay tuned.


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