Last night we were all sitting together on the couch and Caroline suddenly started saying "yuck." I looked down and saw her pointing at Steve's feet! Then she started pushing them away and I just about lost my mushroom risotto. I was laughing so hard. I probably shouldn't have, but I egged her on because it was just too funny. I think Steve at first thought I had just spontaneously taught her "yuck," but in reality we've been saying "yuck" for quite some time. I say it when she reaches into piles of dirt, when she spreads the contents of her yogurt spoon on her placemat and swirls it around with her fingers, and when she sucks the bath water off the washcloth during tub time. She learned all by herself to apply "yuck" to his feet.

This morning on our way to school she was pointing her finger at Abby and saying "No, No, Shhhhhh!" When she disciplines her dolls I play close attention. Do I see myself in her disciplining tactics or could this perhaps be representative of school's methods? We obviously say "No" to her, but I hate to see her yelling at Abby. The parrot not only imitates words, but also actions. As much as she can imitate me swiffering or cooking, she can imitate me disciplining. I feel secure in our methods - we are consistent, not overly harsh (though c'mon what parent hasn't lost themselves a bit when they see them reaching for the stove or pulling the cats tail?), and fair. I don't think Caroline's methods with Abby were too harsh this morning, she quieted her baby down, covered her up in a blanket and gave her a big "mwah." That made me feel better. Perhaps Abby was into something dangerous and her mommy needed to be firm, but also reassuring. =)

What is with the weather? Two days in a row I have had to redress Caroline after seeing the weather forecast. It was supposed to be 76 down here today and then poof this morning it is suddenly doing to be barely 70. What gives Bob Maxon?? I trusted you!


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