and the winners are...

Last year seems far less interesting than PRIZES!!!

I used an internet "RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR" and am happy to announce the three winners of the Pay It Forward Contest:

Terri from the Beanie Board of Part Time Days aka Raggedy Ann

Matt's Mom Liz a onetime Stetson West resident, Auntie Em watching, vegetarian turned meat eater aka Football Player

Rylan's Mom and expecting DOS Aimee aka Monica Lewinsky

Ladies, these packages won't send themselves without your mailing addresses, so please email your info so they can magically appear on your doorstep!

I enjoyed laughing out loud at your responses! You people are certainly creative!

My best costume: A Playboy Bunny. In elementary school (Maybe 4th grade?) I could not decide what to be. I hemmed, I hawed. I gave my parents grief in the costume shop. So my father, yes Dad it was you, suggested I be a Playboy Bunny and when I seemed interested and excited about it (what's that?!?!) off I went with all my Playboy Bunny accesories. I had a black leotard, fishnets, a bunny tail and ears, and oh yeah a stuffed undergarment. I carried a cocktail tray with two glasses glued to it and I wore a silver mask to hide behind. I was the talk of the school Halloween Party. Little did I realize that the stares and open jaws were probably not in awe of my creative one of a kind get up. Seriously, Mom and Dad... great costume... about 10 years too early, but a great costume. I wish I had remembered to get a photo from you to scan in and post here.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who played!!!

Oh and last year we were also on the tail end of some antibiotics that turned into a "nasty" rash which brought us to the pedi at 8pm. Let's hope tonight is completely uneventful.


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