Buckle Love

For Auntie C - I bring you yet another random video, shot last night during a greater than 20 minute post meal playtime with the most intriguing thing in the house - the booster seat buckle.

I am at work tying up some loose ends and getting in a couple hours of work before the McFam heads north for the holiday. Steve is at home with Caroline and he will unfortunately be making a last minute visit to the pediatrician just so we can be assured that this ear business will not put a damper on our (and the rest of the family's) holiday fun. Caroline has been woefully irritable and we'd like there to actually be a reason beyond a diagnosis of "TODDLER."

We are packed up - organized - the cars (we have to take both) are gassed up and we are ready to roll out.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

From Caroline Month 22


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