Frozen pigs

Caroline came home from school yesterday with a head that smelled like baby powder. It was apparently “beauty shop” day because her little pig tails were perfect, the hair in the back was curled to perfection, and when she inevitably ripped the bands off on the car ride home the hair STAYED exactly where it was. We didn’t even have to “rerubberband.” She spent the rest of the night happy for exactly 10 minutes, which is when she wolfed down an entire package of Annie’s Mac and Cheese, several spoonfuls of my rice, and a few apple slices. She was adventurous enough to try Steve’s pork chop, but declared it “yucky” and spit it back out. She said “no” as soon as I mentioned broccoli. We’ll keep trying. Her appetite lately has been astounding. She eats entire helpings and asks for “mo.” The other 120 minutes before her bath were spent whining, clinging to my leg, asking to be picked up/put down, all the while with that terrible I’m not really crying crying. So she went to bed early last night and at around 9 the ringing in my ears stopped.

All was forgiven during tooth brushing when she spotted a break out on my chin and declared, “boo boo” touching my face gently and scrunching hers all up in sympathy. I figure I will return the favor in about 12 years.

Last year we had a terrible night and my eyelid (the same one as a few weeks ago!) had swollen overnight. It was also when I could finally announce the Albenny engagement. I cannot believe that their wedding is this May?!?


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