Steve picked Caroline up from school on Election Day and the whole ride home she whined “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy.” He even called to put me on speaker she seemed so upset. Yesterday I picked her up and the whole ride home she cried for “Daddy, Daddy, Daddy.” Um, WHAT? I distracted her by asking her if Daddy was at home, if we were almost there, and if she was excited to see him. “Yes!” Then we busied ourselves driving extra slow by the blow up lawn turkeys that appeared overnight. We even saw HOLIDAY lights. It's just too early for Holiday lights.

While Steve cooked us a delish taco dinner (I love taco night!) the girls raced off to Home Depot to pick up some ant spray. It seems the change in seasons have somehow alerted a nearby colony that the welcome mat was out in full effect at the McHousehold. I sent them a stern message via a can of Raid on the threshold to the kitchen that there is no room at the inn. Wouldn’t you know that Home Depot already has their FULL display of holiday lawn ornaments, trees, and other paraphernalia up and whirring full blast. There were many an exclamation of “SANTA!” and then she spotted Holiday Mickey and Holiday Pooh and she completely freaked. She spent the whole ride home practicing who she had seen so she could tell Daddy all about it.

This morning at breakfast she had refused to drink her milk, so I taught her how to "cheers" our cups together and that was so enjoyable that she finished the whole cup. She is so ready for holiday dinners…or frat parties.

Last year Caroline nearly enjoyed lunch ala Reese. Parents currently thinking about babyproofing – don’t forget the pet food!


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