chowder and lessons

The most exciting thing that happened to us today is Caroline eating chowder. Lately she has been more open to eating whatever we are eating for dinner. She went to town on tacos last night and kept requesting"mo Cheese!" So when I fixed myself a bowl of chowder for lunch and she woke up from her nap before I could eat it I spooned a small helping into a little bowl for her. She gobbled up spoonfuls once I added in the oyster cracker which she called cookies. The other latest obsession - CLEMENTINES.

That was the most exciting thing that happened to us, but that is not the most exciting thing happening on our street. We pulled into the driveway last night to find an ambulance and the bike gang circled around one child. Seeing an adult in the crowd, I ushered my toddler into our house and picked up the phone to see if Ann knew anything. To make a really long story short - the kids were playing on a discarded door left out by you guessed it - The Sucktaculars. The door is only the latest in a long line of oversized trash items to be left on the side of the road for no apparent reason other than laziness. The kids were playing on the door and one of them (our next door neighbor) slammed his foot through the glass, slicing his leg down to the muscle. He lost a lot of blood, he lost conciousness, and he has ten stitches. There were many photos taken of the door, there was a loud conversation between parent of child and Mrs. Sucktacular, there was a police investigation. We might be smack dab in the middle (geographically speaking) of a serious street war.


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