Day 10 of 30 and still stuck on those dang turkeys

Big thanks to Auntie C and Uncle Hokie (now known only as Hokie) for spending the afternoon and evening with Caroline on Saturday while her parents enjoyed the BC win over ND. Not only did they give up their Saturday night, but also their game tickets! That is dedication to their niece. From what we heard she had a fabulous time, except for her bath, and went to sleep without a hitch. We can't thank them enough!!!

We hit the road in search of the newest obsession - turkeys - on Sunday afternoon. Caroline slept for just 45 minutes - EEK! - and then it was all I could do to entertain her for over an hour from the front seat. Books were dismissed, toys batted away. Caroline wanted one thing and one thing only; turkeys. Not real turkeys, oh no, those blown up lawn ornament turkeys and now she even says her own version of gobble, gobble when she spies one. It sounds more like double u double u.

We made it all the way through the library music hour this morning! There were a few moments early on when I thought we were crashing and burning as she began rifling through my bag for "fishies" and then "joosh." We played for a bit afterward before heading out to pick up some supplies for an advent calendar I saw in Wondertime's December issue. Once it is done I will post the results. I am going to let Caroline help me make them because they involve stickers!

Caroline is sleeping, I am getting ready to assemble a lasagna, clean the house, and take a shower. After her nap we are making a fistful of snowman sugar cookies that we scooped up on sale at Big Y this week. I will do my best to save one for Steve, but no promises.

Last year I was finally able to announce that Tasha and Tony would be welcoming a new family member in the spring. TJ is now sitting up, dressing as a dragon for Halloween, wearing reindeer antlers, and delighting his Mom and Dad.


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