Day 11 of 30 - Today was all about Moi

Posting for the sake of posting without much content because I am off to pick up the little miss. My day was filled with advent calendar supply shopping (boy, that project is sounding intense isn't it??), salon self spoiling, clearance rack browsing, laundry loading, and lasagna noshing. It's been a nice day. Wish things could have worked out to have had this day yesterday and had my parents here today, but there is always next time!

In 2007 I was able to recognize that we sort of got this whole parenting gig. It was sinking in that not only were we getting through, but that we were actually capable and sometimes even excelling at caring for our baby. That's an amazing feeling. Last year we were also hard at work on our holiday cards, but this time around the sun we are already done with that holiday to do. They arrived on our doorstep just before dinner yesterday and I think they came out exactly as we had hoped. Looking at last year's card it is hard to imagine that our family has come so far. Another card to tuck away and save to recall another amazing year with our silly and sometimes bossy sweetheart.


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