Day 12 of 30

I picked Caroline up yesterday afternoon with an amazing properly blown out hairdo. She was waiting with her coat on. Her little friend Julianna got to work on her zipper and refused help twice before letting me assist her. It was the cutest thing and Caroline seemed to love all the attention her little friend was giving.

Later as I unpacked her lunch bag from school I discovered a little surprise and I gasped. Sara and Michelle had put copies of some photos they had taken of Caroline in her bag for me to discover. It was surreal to look at my daughter in photos that had been taken not by me, a friend, or a family member, but by these wonderful ladies. They are literally little snapshots into the life she has without us; eating lunch, holding hands with Hannah after a manicure session, posing with Julianna wearing face paint kitten whiskers. Her life, without me. She's smiling and so I do too.

Last year we weren't feeling too well, but I love looking back at all these cute outfits. They are all packed in old diaper boxes stacked in the attic. Look at her hair here, did she even have any???


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