Day 3 of 30

It's Monday! Our big plans include BigY and our weekly library group. Last week Caro made an escape when some late arrivals were overheard playing outside the music room. She shot me a devilish grin before bolting out halfway through the program. We'll see what happens today...

We made a stop on our ride home in Western MA to visit Granda who appears to be recuperating really well with the assistance of his very own Nurse Nana. Caroline tried kielbasa with mustard while we were there and in between bites demanded more chips. Keep it up Dad - you look great!!!

Caroline was talking on my phone tonight and was having a lovely little discussion. She kept saying "Hello" so we taught her "what's up?" Had to be captured.

And last year we introduced you to the Sucktaculars.

365 days later there was an apparent yard clean up event resulting in barrels (PLURAL) of leaves being placed for curb pick-up last week. I was astonished and then nearly fell over when they participated in Halloween this year. Lights on until after 8:30!! OK, Sucktaculars, I am onto you. Fess up! Either you're reading or your spies are.


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