Day 4 of 30 - 21 Months Old

Today Caroline turns 21 months old. We are just three short months away from her second birthday. One year ago today, Caroline officially crawled FORWARDS for the first time and we were reveling in the awesomeness of her ability to ambulate solo. One year ago, little Caroline was just 9 months old and in the 12 months that have passed she is now running, jumping, dancing, making us laugh, hiding from us by closing her eyes, selecting her own pjs & eating everything but vegetable with approximately 12 teeth. At the same time she is still wearing diapers, sucking her thumb for comfort, and she's 100% still addicted to touching people's bellies.

A year ago she first spotted the ham in Green Eggs and Ham. Today she can point to and sometimes name objects in books.

I spent a good chunk of time last night PAINSTAKINGLY trying to capture my daughter saying "Obama!" It sounds more like "Omama." I thought on the day of the most important election of her lifetime (and mine too!) thus far it would be very fitting for the election day post, but she was more interested in playing fetch with Reese. Finally the two of them have arrived at a compromise - Reese will play with her, so long as she doesn't touch her.

From Caroline Month 21B

After fetch concluded we measured our girl on the new growth chart. That's her new "camera smile" isn't it adorable?? She's 32 inches - exactly one foot larger than the day she arrived.

From Caroline Month 21B

If you haven't already done so - get out and vote. It's important.


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