Day 9 of 30

It was nine month stats a year ago. She looks so tiny in her little bathing suit.

We'll undoubtedly be heading home at some point today and getting organized for the week. My week is a bit altered and for once it's a good thing. While I will need to work a few extra hours in here and there to make up the time, I am officially off in observance of Veteran's Day on Tuesday. Those keeping score - that's 5 days off in a row. Caroline has school on Tuesday and mysterious forces somehow arranged for my next salon appointment to also occur on Tuesday. I'm planning on dropping her at school, getting some things done around the house (perhaps an hour or two of work) & indulging in some me time. Caroline will be at home early afternoon after we do something together - I just got an ice cold tip that Baskin Robbins is Buy One Get One on Tuesdays.


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