frozen turkeys

So let’s talk about the weekend already!

Friday night the McFam hit the SBC for some dinner and we were thoroughly impressed with the children’s menu offerings. For $5.95 Caroline enjoyed an adorable portioned tray of grilled cheese, fruit cup, mixed veggies (which she actually TRIED!), French fries, milk, and a cookie. I think it is safe to say we will be returning to this place again soon – their crab cakes rocked. Caroline’s favorite part of dinner was dipping her fries into my tartar sauce. TARTAR sauce. The condiment queen maintains her reign.

On Saturday we welcomed Marc in from Boston. He and Steve sped off to enjoy some pregame drinks and wings before making it back home just after the BC Wake Forest kickoff. We were also fortunate to welcome the boys of the C3s and the Loban clan. Amanda came with both delish cookies and pigs in a blanket, which the boys devoured heartily. Ethan was such a giggly boy riding Caroline’s horse/giraffe. He is growing so fast, too fast! Christian and Caroline have played together before, but this visit they really seemed to click. Together they went hunting for the “kitty kat.” While I allow Caroline some one-on-one Reese time, all I could imagine was the cat taking a swipe at little Christian and that was all I needed to keep the kids separated from the “kitty kat.” BC did eventually win the game, overcoming amazing obstacles to do so. There was quite a lot of whooping and high fiving.

Later, Caroline sat with Marc on the couch watching her new movie Happy Feet. (THANKS MARC!) She got super comfy, leaning right into him. She would have fallen asleep right there if I had let her. She went right to bed, only to wake up around 11 screaming for us. Nothing like showing Marc all the colors of parenthood in one short visit. I suspect that the fluid in her ears from her ear check last Monday is now a full blown infection, but we are waiting if we can for her Children's follow-up next Monday. Besides that one wake up, all else seems to be normal.

Sunday we caught up on laundry, took a short trip to IKEA to look at toddler beds, and organized for Thanksgiving. I took a last minute ride to my fav second hand store to locate new jeans for our growing girl. There were signs up noting that they would be accepting spring and summer clothes starting the second week in December. EEK! I ran through the 24 month racks ONE MORE TIME knowing that the next time I get back there will likely be little left for winter. My find of the day was a pair of snow boots, which are still a bit too big, but worn perhaps twice. She'll be sporting them this weekend as we sit like frozen turkeys at the BC MD game. I love that place.

This parts for you Uncle Marc. I sat Caroline down in her seat for breakfast on Monday morning and she looked at me, perplexed. She put her hands out to the side and turned the palms to the ceiling in that confused “where’d it go?” kind of way. “Marc?”


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