Holiday Spirit

That regularly scheduled weekend update is forthcoming. In the meantime BEHOLD.

Here is the "looney tunes can't believe I got myself into this" advent calendar via Wondertime Magazine. It's far from traditional, but like the original each day is designated for a countdown to the holiday and a daily reminder of our blessings. In our more progressive version we used a tiny gift bag instead of cute little window. I am undecided on whether to open them in normal or reverse order. I spent about 45 minutes this afternoon putting all the pieces together; stuffing the bags with a variety of tissue, attaching clothespins, arranging just so. I am very happy with the final product. I wanted this up and ready to roll for Monday - which seriously is the first of DECEMBER?!?! I left the actual advent surprises in a hidden location to be added as we go, both for weight reasons and for practicality. Our little Santa lover is already curious about what exactly is happening with these bags. When she realizes there are treats...

For those who might want to tackle this crafty project - GO FOR IT - I made it about 100 times harder than it had to be with the glue gun sequinsy action and the tissue stuffing. I won't promise a photo/post a day in December (HA! can you imagine?) but I assure you there will be many little advent calendar updates with what I hope to be many photos capturing the holiday spirit alive in our little girl. Maybe we can spread the cheer and help to minimize the stress?


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