I suspect my cheeks will still hurt tomorrow

We're recovering from a really enjoyable Saturday spent with friends. Steve and I needed to take Motrin before bed because our cheeks and heads hurt from the non-stop laugh fest. My personal fav of the night - Jim Breuer. I've been calling Steve a ferret all day. =)

Extra special thanks to the amazing auntie k for taking over the Caro duties in our absence. Not only was she brave enough to take on the Mall Playspace, but she also splurged on dinner out and NOT Mickey Ds - CHEESECAKE FACTORY. What a lucky little girl! We owe you one k. It was such a full fun afternoon and evening and it was all made possible by you!

We've got our ear follow-up on Monday at 9:30 followed by the flu shot. I suspect we'll be relaxing at home most of the day after that appointment.


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