It's been a crazy week hasn't it?! Not just me, is it???

I sat on pins and needles watching the election results come in last night. The McFam was very interested in the coverage, but we were interrupted by a 32 inch tall girl calling for Mommy after only an hour asleep. We comforted, went through the usual checklist; ears? teeth?, administered Motrin, comforted some more. We eventually gave up and took her downstairs to watch the poll results come in with us. She sat silently on my lap and for a few minutes we thought she might ralph, but she didn't. At nearly 10 pm, Caroline went back to bed again and made her objections to that idea well known. Eventually she did fall asleep and thinking I might have a long night ahead of me, I rolled over too. I have an amazing husband who woke me up just after 11pm when they announced that Obama will be the next president. I spent a few wakeful moments watching the crowds at Grant Park, soaking it in, falling asleep secure in the fact that I would not in fact have to move to Canada to raise my daughter in a world that makes more sense. Sure, he is but one man, and sure, he can't make miracles happen, but MAN what a wake up call this country had over the last year! I was so happy to see that so many people voted and while I have voted in other elections, this one felt different! I love this nation, I am proud to be an American, but this morning as I smiled listening to the Today Show highlights of his speech I thought this, THIS, makes me feel like not just my future, but my daughter's is more secure than it was yesterday. Maybe that is naive. Maybe it is, but it sure feels good to have hope again.

In other news I woke up with a really puffy eyelid. Something must have irritated my eye, perhaps from my contact lens? It happens every now and then and I feel like I need to explain to everyone I talk to all day that YES, I know my eye is puffy and NO, it doesn't hurt. By the time I got to work I was saying that I got into a fight at the polls yesterday - at least I can find some lemonade in my puffy situation.

As for our curiously up late Caroline... I think the culprit may still be her ears. As I was kissing her goodbye this morning I noticed some dried gunk in her ear of the red variety. I cleaned it out, but perhaps it was her painful ear or one that she scratched that was keeping her from sleep? Who knows...

Last year I was still balancing a half day of work on Mondays twice a month combined with grocery shopping and baby rearing. I must have been crazy to do that. I cannot imagine life with my bereavement group on my day off! How did I do it??


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