November is back...

and with it is a cult classic - "a post a day everyday" aka NaBloPoMo - National Blog Post Month. Clearly the point of this is to get bloggers writing and updating more, but like last year I cannot help but feel the pull of the alluring idea to post a photo each day. It was an ambitious undertaking and I didn't quite follow through, but now with a year to look back on and an opportunity to compare then and now, I simply cannot pass it up. There will be text, but there will also be link backs to the posts from last year so we can all oh and ahh over the baby that was my baby in November 2007. Sure, I know you are all capable of looking back over the archives, but in the name of efficiency and your at work productivity I will link them here.

Starting with this one:

Look at her! Not yet walking, baby faced, top heavy. Coincidentally, we were also on the mend from an ear infection on this very day last year too. Go figure.

Today we are on the road - so this post will magically change to showcase a November 1, 2008 photo at some point!


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